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Lancashire Carpet Clean are your local carpet and upholstery cleaners!

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             Lancashire Carpet Cleaners


  Are your carpets, sofas, chairs or rugs looking dirty and tired!


We can clean and revitalise your carpets and upholstery to their former glory. Making them feel and smell fresh again with the latest cleaning techniques and using the latest up to date technology. Regular carpet cleaning in Accrington at your home or business carpets is needed. Carpets can soon become a haven for dirt, grit, sand, soil and many other types of nasties like carpet moths and insects so call us today!


           We can clean all types of carpets and treat many types of stains including -



Carpet Cleaning Accrington




Full House Carpets

Cleaned From £99




Opening Hours:


Monday:       8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday:      8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Thursday:     8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Friday:          8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Saturday:     8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Sunday:       8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

"Excellent Service!"




       3 Rooms

      For £69



No Hidden Fees!

We believe in providing a honest and transparent pricing policy. All prices for domestic carpet cleaning are fixed when you call.


Competitive Pricing!

Our aim is to make our carpet cleaning service in Accrington as affordable as possible and we offer great value for money.


Eco Friendly Products!

Lancashire Carpet Clean try to be as environmentally friendly as we can, using non-detergent based products when possible.


Professional Equipment!

Only the best up to date, powerful machines are used for cleaning your carpets. We have every type of machine available.


Great Results!

Our customers are constantly amazed at the results of our carpet cleaning services. We can revitalise your dirty, dull carpets.


"I can only recommend Lancashire Carpet Clean. They always carry out a fantastic service and i will not use any other carpet cleaner!"

'Daniel Thacker' Accrington, BB5 5AS'

          Don't Replace ..... Revive!

Save Money By Having Your Carpets Deep Cleaned

carpet cleaning service in accrington

Insured & Trained Staff Members


Friendly, Skilled, Able & qualified


Removes 99% of Types of Stains


Kills 99% of all Bacteria & Germs


Carpets Will Be Dry Within 2hrs!


Completely Pet & Children Safe



            Stain Removal!


Oil   Grease   Dirt   Soil   Tar   Soot   Tea   Coffee   Food

F.A.Q ..... We answer the most asked questions by customers!


How Long Will My Carpets Take To Dry?

About 1 to 2 hours but it depends on the carpet type and the amount of soiling. We use carpet dyrers to aid the process and carpets are only left slightly damp after cleaning so you can walk on them straight away with clean footwear in most cases!


How Long Does It Take You To Clean My Carpets?

Again it depends on the carpet being cleaned and how soiled it is. As general guide it takes us about 2o minutes to set up, 30 minutes to clean a room, 45 minutes to clean a through-lounge and about 40 minutes to clean a hallway/stairs/landing.


Can You Remove Every Stain?

We can not give a gurantee that we can remove all stains. We currently remove about 95% of stains be we wiil sometimes come across a permanent stain. We let you know if we think you have a permanent stain before cleaning and if we have any doubt we try the stain first before carrying out the required work before charging you and give you the choice for us to carry on with the full clean or not!


Will My Carpet Shrink?

No ..... A small percentage of carpet types can shrink if cleaned wrongly but with our vast experience of over 10 years as carpet cleaners and with the latest up to date training we can spot a potential problem carpet before cleaning. Almost all carpets can be cleaned safely using the correct methods and if the carpet can not be cleaned we will depart without charging.


Will My Carpets Get Dirty Again After Cleaning?

Not for a while if cleaned correctly by a professional carpet cleaner! We leave your carpets PH neutral so that no soap or detergent residue is left in the caret after cleaning which can be the cause of rapid resoiling.


Will I Have To Move Furniture?

We move large items of furniture around while cleaning like sofas and chairs. If they are not safe to move we will clean around them. It does help though if you can move out of the room, any smaller items or light furniture or place them higher up from the floor onto a table or sofa.


Can My Carpets Be Damaged From Cleaning?

No ...... not in the hands of a profesional. We test any carpet when there is any doubt. Some carpets can shrink, others like wool carpets can turn orange or brown by flooding or hessian bleed. Other issues can be colour run or colour bleed. We are experienced in dealing with all of these types of problems and more and are able to clean them with specialist solutions designed for the job.


Do I Need To Vacuum First?

It is always helpful if you can vacuum the carpets before we arrive. It is best to do this the day or night before and it is especially helpful if you can hoove the edges of the carpet. 

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Before       After

Safe For Your Pets!


Our carpet cleaning services are pet friendly and safe for animals like cats and dogs.


Safe For Your Children!


All solutions used to clean your carpets, rugs or sofas are certified safe to use in homes with children


We Remove Odours!


A professional deep clean can remove smells like nicotine, smoke, urine, damp, sour milk and many other types of musty pongs!


We Can Clean Your Rugs!


We also provide a rug cleaning service for domestic clients. Ally types of rugs can be deep cleaned.


Upholstery Cleaning!


Yes we clean upholstery too! All types of leather and fabric sofas can be cleaned including armchairs and dining chairs.

carpet cleaner in accrington carpet cleaning company lancashire

Safe For Children & Pets! .....

upholstery cleaning accrington

 Before        After

Don't Forget We Clean Upholstery Too!


It is often forgot by customers that carpet cleaning companies often provide an upholstery cleaning service for cleaning leather, cloth and many types of fabric.


If you are looking for sofa cleaning in Accrington, you have come to the right place. With over 10 years experience you are in safe hands and we have the knowledge and expertise to clean even the trickiest of sofas!



Is My Sofa Safe To Clean?


First of all we obviously speak to you on the phone, give you a price and get some basic information about the suite or chairs you would like cleaning.


When we arrive we will know just be looking at your furnisings because of our experience if your sofa is safe to clean.


If we have any doubt or if the settee is borderline cleanable we will carry out a test or a series of tests.


The types of tests we carry out are the fibre burn test to ascertain the types of fibre in the sofa. Don't worry if this sounds alarming. We only take a few small threads from inside a cushion normaly to carry out the burn test.


We can also carry out a colour run or wet test in a inconspicuous area under a cushion usually to test the colour fastness or the ability to take water!

How Do You Clean Upholstery?


When we first arrive at your home or business we carry out a survey of the upholstery and surrounding area to make sure it's sfae to carry out our cleaning services.


We then sheet out to protect your floors and personal belongings ect. After we have protected the area around the sofas or chars being cleaned we will carry out our safety checks and tests on the upholstery if needed.


The furniture is then hoovered if needed and any items left down the side cracks of the suite are removed.


The next stage is spotting! This is the treatment of each individual stain and spot with the appropriate solution to break down the stain before cleaning.


We then move on to the pre-spray process which is a special formulated cleaning solution that is sprayed over the entire sofa or chair.


After the pre-spray is agitated by a brush or mit designed for the job we wil start the extraction process. The extraction machine pumps out hot water while simultaneously extracting out the dirty water with powerful vacuums in to our dirty water tank on the machine.



We receive tremendous feedback for our cleaning services.

Customers are amazed at the results of our carpet or upholstery cleaning!


Susan Toner, BB5 5AX

"My carpets smell amazing after cleaning. They look much better than i expected!"


Martin Devon, BB5 4DH

"Top class service by Lancashire Carpet Clean. I have used other companies but

the carpets have never cleaned this well before. Thank you so much!"


Michelle Holt, BB1 2AD

"I had a large wine stain that they completely removed!"


Steven Hasslebank, BB5 4AU

"I am a landlord who uses this company to clean all of my properties carpets.

After using many, many carpet cleaning companies i will only use Lancashire Carpet Clean!"


Janet Tumbler, BB2 3PX

"Words can not describe how happy i am! They removed 3 stains that another firm could not remove!



carpet cleaning company in accrington

Foot Stool After Cleaning

                                                                                            Value For Money!


                                                                                           SPECIAL WEBSITE OFFERS


              These offers are only available online! Mention that you found us on our website to get these special prices!


   Carpet Cleaning


   1 room = £45 | 2 rooms £59 | 3 rooms = £69


   hall/stairs/landing =£49 | 1 room & hall/stairs/landing = £59 | 2 rooms & hall/stairs/landing =£69


   Full house from just £99 - This is based on a 2 up, 2 down with hall, stairs and landing


   Upholstery Cleaning


   2 seater sofa = £49 | 3 seater sofa = £59


   2 x 2 seater sofas = £69 | 3 & 2 seater sofas = £79 | armchairs = £15 each | 5 seater corner sofa = £69