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Revive Your Tired Looking Sofas!


We have been cleaning upholstery for over 10 years now. The cleaning of sofas and suites is becoming ever more popular now with our customers who use us for other types of specialist cleaning.


A lot of our past clients do not realise that we clean upholstery and it’s not until they use our other services they realise it’s something we can offer.


Upholstery sofas, suites, settees and chairs can be deep cleaned to really make them look clean and stain free again.


The main issue with upholstery and why it needs regular cleaning is ingrained dirt, head grease, body fats, drink spills and dye transfer from clothes.


We have specialist stain removers for most types of stains and we also use professional equipment designed for the job!


Upholstery cleaning is more complicated than cleaning other furnishings in your home. We test the fabric first before cleaning and use our vast experience and knowledge to give you a deep clean without compromising the sofa or suite’s safety regulations for cleaning. If you are looking for the best upholstery clean in Lancashire then give us a call today!

Why Choose Our Services!



We take great care in the way we work in customers homes. When we turn up to clean your upholstery we first carry out an assessment on your sofa or chair. This is to ascertain if the fabric is safe to clean.


To find out if the suite is safe to clean we carry out a series of tests. The tests are used to find out the fibre type and if colour run is a possibility among other issues.




We first make sure there is enough room to carry out the clean and also check for pets in the area. We then lay out protective sheets on the floor and under the sofas. The upholstery is then hoovered in preparation of the cleaning if needed!




We use different techniques, depending on the fabric type but in most cases we use the hot water extraction method which cleans deep down and extracts dirt and stains trapped within the fibres.




Upholstery does take a little longer to dry after cleaning compared to other types of furnishings but we will sometimes use air dryers to aid the drying process if needed.


After Care:


The upholstery is then dressed! This will entail brushing out any wand marks on the fabric and wiping down any excess water on wood detailing on the upholstery. We will then remove all dust sheets and make sure all floors are dry and clean.

Upholstery Cleaning Myths!

Myth 1:


Stains Can’t be Removed From Upholstery!


Well that’s not really true. Yes getting stains out of upholstery is harder than carpets but a lot of stains can be removed but it will depend on the type of stain and also the fibre type.


Myth 2:


The Sofa Will be Left to Wet!


Soft furnishings do take a little while to dry but usually they are ready to sit down on again the day after.


Myth 3:


Dry Cleaning is The Safest Way to Clean Sofa!


No not always. There are many ways to clean fabric suites but in most cases, hot water extraction is the way to go!


Myth 4:


It’s Too Expensive!


Yes upholstery cleaning is more expensive as a general rule than cleaning other items in your home but that is because it takes a lot longer to carry out.


Myth 5:


You Need to Take it Away!


No we can clean your upholstery at your home safely. We protect all floors being used while cleaning and will clean the sofa in a safe manner.

Having Upholstery Professionally Cleaned Can Give You Amazing Results!

Customers love the results of our hard work, when we clean their sofas, settees, suites and chairs! Fabric will be left deep clean, sanitised, deodorised and refreshed to make sitting down on your comfy upholstery a pleasant experience again.

All types of stains and grime can be treated on your sofa or armchair, grease, dirt and dust can be removed, leaving you with clean furniture again. We can clean all sizes and types of upholstery, from L Shaped settees to corner sofas!


Book now for the latest special offers. Upholstery sofas deep cleaned and sanitised from just £15 per seating area!


You can get in touch with our experienced technicians by phone on 01254 403025 or use our contact form on the contact page.


We specialise in cleaning upholstery in domestic homes throughout Lancashire but we will also carry out commercial work .

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