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Lancashire Carpet Clean are a professional carpet cleaning company in Oswaldtwistle that offers a deep down extraction steam cleaning service for domestic and commercial carpet flooring. This sets us apart from the local competition.


Our company offers a top quality deep clean, married with outstanding customer care. When it comes to carpet cleaning we stand out from the crowd and no other company does it better.


The loyal customer base of Lancashire Carpet Clean agree that we are one of the most reliable and professional carpet cleaning companies in Lancashire. The state of the art cleaning machines that our company uses to clean your home carpet are among the most advanced and powerful carpet cleaning machines on the market today and customers are always amazed when they see the results of our carpet cleaning.


To make sure we stay ahead of the competition for carpet cleaning in Accrington we constantly update our cleaning machines and equipment to ensure we are providing our clients with the best clean possible.


Our equipment is designed to remove all types of stains and ground in dirt including oil, tea, coffee, makeup, food and other types of staining from deep inside your carpet pile. This not only helps with the smell, feel and look of your home carpet, but also makes your property much healthier. We feel that our powerful and high end carpet cleaning machinery will out perform those used by our competition.


Amazing Results!


Most of our customers will be surprised at how well the results are from our carpet cleaning services. We hear quite often that they didn’t expect the carpets to come up so well and will immediately recommend us to a friend or even book themselves in again!

What Makes us Different!

There are a few things that differentiate us from your average carpet cleaning company. The first thing you will find is that we give you a fixed price for your quote over the phone for domestic carpet cleaning. Other companies will often either come out to price up the work or will give you an ‘estimate’ over the phone.


The problem with an estimate type quote is that when the cleaning company actually turns up to your home to carry out the work, the job estimate can turn into a much higher price.


Another pricing method some firms use is to come out to your property to quot after the initial phone conversation. Although this gives the carpet cleaning technician a greater chance of giving a more accurate price, we have found that when a company uses this costing method that the price is usually far higher for the customer.


The way we work is to ask lots of questions on the phone at the quote stage. From these specific questions we can give you a fixed price over the phone to clean your carpets which gives the customer that reassurance that the price quoted is the final price they pay!


We believe in treating customers in the same way that we would like to be treated and one thing that stands out from our customer feedback is the that the client enjoys the experience from start to finish because of how professional our operators are!


Customer service is the most important aspect of our carpet cleaning service in Oswaldtwistle and that’s why local customers come back to us year, after year!

Should I Have my Carpets Cleaned Regularly?

That is a question we often get asked! The answer in reality is that id depends on the carpet type and the environment of the property.


For man-made synthetic type carpets you can have them cleaned as often as you like, no matter on the state of soiling. Most new carpets today are made from a fibre called polypropylene which is a thermoplastic polymer or in simple terms …… plastic! These types are carpets are practically bullet proof. They are advertised as being ‘bleach resistant and can withstand almost anything that is thrown at them! These carpets can be cleaned many times and we recommend that they are professionally cleaned at least twice a year.


Wool carpets or a high density of wool mix carpets are a different story and we usually tell customers to have them cleaned once a year.


Wool carpets are normally more delicate in structure than modern man-made fibres and should only be cleaned by a professional!

child & pest safe

We are experts at removing pet stains from rugs, and carpets and

specialise in removing doggy odours and accidents.


Owning a puppy can be a stressful business, especially when they

are going through the house training period!


Dog accidents on your carpet can leave it smelling and may even

leave a stain on the surface.


We can help remove these stains and deodorise the carpets so that

they are smelling fresh and clean again!


Book now for the latest special offers. 2 rooms for just £59 and free deodorising with every carpet or rug clean!


You can get in touch with our experienced technicians by phone on 01254 403025 or use our contact form on the contact page.


We specialise in cleaning carpets in domestic homes throughout the local area but we will also carry out commercial work .

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